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 Property Negative Energy Clearing 


Negative Energy Clearing is performed to remove all non-beneficial energies, entities and thought forms that are attached to the property. 


*This is performed remotely (No access is needed to the property)


The clearing is performed by accessing the akashic records for premises, uncovering all energetic activity, as well as any land assignments, earthbound souls, negative though form and gateways within the property.


Once the clearing is complete;  using a crystal grid, swords of light, reiki, Theta healing and remote energy clearing, a cleansing and energetic activation will be done to energise and activate the space. 


Session Details and Duration: 

10 mins -  Pre-Clearing Consultation (phone or email) 

30-45 mins - Clearing and activation (completed by me prior to call/zoom) 

20-30 mins  Approx. - Consultation


*I endeavour to complete all Property clearings within 72 hours of your initial Pre-Clearing Consultation.


*You will receive via email an image of the crystal grid used for your clearing and activation . 


Benefits of having a Property Clearing can include:

- Improved mood / atmosphere within the property, clients often find the space feels lighter and more peaceful 

- Improved sleep / less disruptions 

- Removal of negative energies that are disrupting the environment


Clearing a property / business allows a clean slate for your energy, it removes pre-existing programs and energetic statements that are running within the space, allowing for more positive energy, opportunities, and abundance to flow. 



 “I moved into my rental, which is within a retirement village 6 months ago, and it never felt right energy wise, and on numerous occasions, I felt a presence within the house. At times, I would lay in bed at night trying to sleep, and it felt like someone had walked through me. Also, at the same time, every night, my dog would look up at the corner near my front door and bark and growl”...” Once Candice had completed the house clearing, I instantly felt calmer. I was no longer feeling any presence within the home. I was sleeping much better, and my dog stopped barking altogether, and my dog also started sleeping through the night. Even now, I still feel nothing supernatural within my home. Candice was amazing, and I can't thank her enough.” 

- Jessica, Bacchus Marsh VIC

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