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Please read and reach out if you have any questions....

Distance Energy Realignment and Activation Sessions

I understand that a healing session with Candice Planche may include various channeled healing techniques techniques such as but not limited to Reiki & Crystal Healing,  to encourage stress reduction and relaxations, to aid and support the individuals healing potential.

Candice Planche will not prescribe medical substances, not intervene with the medical treatment of a medical professional. Candice Planche may recommend additional supportive treatments from other health care professionals in the case of physical or psychological ailments if applicable.

I understand that a healing treatment can compliment any medical or psychological care, and it does not replace any medical care I am receiving.


I understand that in order to treat long term imbalances or to reach a particular goal that multiple  sessions may be necessary.

I understand that in order for the body to return to its healthiest state, I occasionally may release imbalances which may cause a little discomfort, even though this is rare.

I give permission for Candice Planche to channel energy to me, to give the most appropriate healing session for my highest benefit.

Online Saraswati Healing Workshop

I, ..................................................... agree to participate in a Saraswati Healing session and/or workshop with Candice Planche, 'Larimar Light Healing'. I recognise that the session may involve some physical and psychological activity. I hereby affirm that I am in good physical and mental health and do not suffer from any known disability or condition which would prevent or limit my participation in this session. I am wholly responsible for taking any medication I may need for my wellbeing, and have disclosed any serious illness or history of mental illness in my personal and/or family history, as well as any medications that I am taking to my practitioner before commencing the session.

Details of this disclosure have been stated by me on the booking form.

In consideration of my voluntary participation in this session, I hereby release the practitioner and his/her agents from any claims, demands, and causes of action as a result of my voluntary participation in the session.

I fully understand that if the practitioner feels that I maybe a danger to myself or others, he/she reserves the right to ask me to discontinue the my participation in the session. I understand that there will be no refund of payment for the session if I have paid in full and I am asked to discontinue.

I, ......................................................, hereby release the practitioner and his/her agents from any liability now or in the future for any physical or emotional health related conditions that I may experience during or following the session.

Important to note

The licensed Saraswati Healing practitioner has completed a minimum four month foundations training program with Alana Fairchild as an approved training provider, recognised by the International Institute of Complementary Therapies (IICT), to provide professional training in the Saraswati Healing modality which has also been recognised as a modality by the IICT. The licensed Saraswati Healing practitioner has been trained in the modality and completed the course work requirements for professional licensing.

A Saraswati Healing session and/or workshop is not a substitute for medical or psychological care. If you require the care of a licensed health care professional, please contact your state's medical and/or psychological board. Please also check and abide by your state's regulations, if any, relating to spiritual healing.

Alana Fairchild makes no guarantees or promises regarding a session with a Saraswati Healing licensed practitioner. By contacting a Saraswati Healing practitioner you agree that the session is an agreement created solely between yourself and the practitioner, who are all independent contractors entirely apart from Alana Fairchild and that you do so at your own risk and responsibility. Alana Fairchild and her agents, and Blue Angel Publishing are not responsible for your interactions with any Saraswati Healing Practitioner.


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