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90 minute Soul Re-Alignment Session


What you what we cover in this session...


Your Soul Blueprint: Discover who you are at a soul level. I will detail your soul traits, as well a common misalignment that may be preventing you from manifesting what you desire. When you know who you are at a soul level you can make choice aligned with creating positive karma. 

Blocks and Restrictions: This part of the session outlines present and past life choices and traumas that have created negative karmic pattens and unconcious programs and blocks that are negatively impacting your ability to mainfest what your desire. 

Clearing of Blocks and Restrictions: Once we access and discover what is blocking the flow of well-being and abundance, these negative karmic patterns are resolved and cleared from further impacting your life.

Empowerment: Soul Re-Alignment is all about empowerment. With the knowledge and understanding of who you are at a soul-level and how your choices (based on your souls individual blueprint) impact your manifesting ... you can begin to create what you want in your life. You can align to who you are and feel confident that the choices you are making are creating abundance and positive karmic patterns. 

Homework: You will receive personalised homework to complete daily for 21day... to solidify the clearing and help you create the changes you want in your life.


Your session is specifically tailored to your manifestation intentions for the next 6 months.  

With this intention and frame of reference I am able to identify and clear the blocks and programs that are holding you back from achieving these goals. 


Please Note, This Energetic Clearing is performed remotely (this is not a hand-on healing - all clearing is performed in the akashic records and conciously accepted by the client)


What happens once I book/purchase the Soul Realignment Session?

I will contact you via phone, email  or text to arrange your Pre-Session consultation, this is your chance to discuss any concerns and set an intention for your session. We will also pre-arrange the time for your actual session (can be in-person at my healing space in Maddingley or via Zoom).


Session Details and Duration: 

10 mins -  Pre-Session Consultation (phone or email) 

60-90mins - Akashic Record reading and Clearing (completed by me prior to Session) 

60-90 mins  Approx. - Soul Re-Alignment session (in-person or via zoom)


After the session your personalised homework will be emailed to you (21 day clearing process that must be completed - approx 10-15mins daily)


*I endeavour to complete all Soul-Realignment Clearings within 72 hours of your initial Pre-Clearing Consultation - Session Availability May Vary from week to week. 


Benefits of having a Soul Realignment session can include:

- Improved mood, clients often feels lighter and more empowered in their life choices

- Improved sleep / less disruptions 

- Removal of negative energies and unconcious programs negatively impacting your wellbeing 

- Improved productivity, energy and motivation

- Improved adundance & manifesting (especially in relation to the specific intentions set out by you prior to your session), when we clear out these blockages and learn to align to who we are at a soul-level we level-up our manifesting abilities 

And many more...


Soul Re-Alignment allows a clean slate for your energy, it removes pre-existing programs and energetic statements that are running without your concious awareness, allowing for more positive energy, opportunities, and abundance to flow. 


There are no refunds available for these sessions - as so much work and clearing is complete in preparation for your session, I do not offer refunds for change of mind. As with all sessions I do require 48 hours notice to reschedule your session. Changes made after this time period may incur a rescheduling fee. Thank you kindly for your understanding.




'I had a soul realignment session with Candice and I absolutely loved it! I resonated with the information she gave to me & how she explained it made it easy to understand & relate back to my life. Would highly recommend.'   Tamsin, VIC - via Google Reviews

Soul Realignment Session - Akashic Record Reading and Clearing

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$225.00Sale Price

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